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A part that will turn whatever is placed on it, as long as the F or R key is being pressed. It has adjustable speed, can be used as a hinge and is generally a key component in VTOLs and retractable landing gear. These are commonly used as hinges by disabling the motor.


Lock: when R or F is hit the motor is locked. can be useful in certain things.


you don't have to hold R or F, it rotates automatically. can be used with lock for functional stairs that fold.


Motor2 is a version of the Motor that can be used for turrets as they follow your cursor.

It can also be set as a servo, allowing you to use it for a variety of other thing like elevators for planes, rudders for ships, and working steering wheels and such.


  • When making a G-force Tester like structure, By spamming "F" & "R" AT 50 speed & max torque, The Motor separates from the anchored structure.
  • This can also be done by spinning anything fast enough using stacked motors.
  • Motor is not broken.
  • You can make this like a propeller that doesn't only start spinning instantly but goes from slow to fast by putting a motor then make it Toggle and set the speed to 50 and the Torque to 30 and then make it not powered. Put another motor and make it the same thing except it is powered and then put a prop and it will start spinning from slow to fast
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