A list of all the different parts in Plane Crazy and their uses. Note that new parts may take up to a few days to be added to this article.

Parts List

Basic Parts

Moderately heavy parts. Planes will mainly consist of these parts.


These are the Blocks available in the game.

  • Block 1x1 – Speaks for itself. Just a basic building block. (probably made of aluminium), weighs 0.28 units
1x1 block
  • Block 1x0.9A block with one side that is 0.1 smaller. It still has a slightly smaller hitbox than a 1x1 block. Great for making turrets or not wanting parts to "weld" to other parts.
1x1 block
  • Beam 1x4A beam with the length of four blocks.
1x4 block
  • Beam 1x7A beam the length of seven blocks.
1x7 block


These are the Wedges available in the game

  • Wedge 1x1A triangular shaped block, with half the mass of a normal block
  • Wedge 1x2A doubly long wedge. Weighs about the same as a normal block.
1x2 Wedge
  • Wedge 1x3A wedge that is three blocks long. Weighs about the same as 3/2 the weight of a normal block.
Wedge 1x3
  • Corner WedgeA corner wedge that weights the same as a pyramid wedge block
Corner Wedge
Screen Shot 2563-07-04 at 20.11.23
  • Half Wedge - A 1x1 wedge that can connect with a half block on one of its side. As seen from different points of view in the picture.
  • Pyramid Wedge - A 1x1 Wedge resembling a square-based pyramid. Quite pointy.
    Pyramid wedge

Wing Parts

Wing parts weigh significantly less than normal blocks and also give planes lift, which is crucial to achieving for flight. These panels are like plate figures that are in the middle layer of the block hitbox

Wing Panels

These Wing Panels are all the same design but differing in size.

Delta Wings

These are the Delta Wings, they have all the same triangular characteristic but differ in size.

Control Surfaces

Control Surfaces are complex parts that shift, allowing you to control your aircraft.

Engine Parts

Engine Parts will allow the player to move their plane in various ways.

  • Super Rocket EngineAn engine with an unknown amount of power, more than the Rocket and less than the Large Rocket Engine
  • Large Rocket EngineOnly Noticeable difference between the Rocket Engine is a blue flame as opposed to an orange flame.
  • Rocket EngineAn engine twice as powerful as the Jet Engine.
  • Jet EngineA normal engine, but really powerful.
  • PropellerA engine roughly 2/3 as powerful as a jet engine, but smaller.
  • WheelsThe essential part for the making of ground vehicles. These act as realistic wheels, with the functions of steering, braking, and bidirectional acceleration.
  • Water PropellersJust like the propeller, but for water-based builds.
  • Hover Thrusters – A thruster meant to hover over both land and water. They were hard to work in highlands such as hills and steep slopes.
  • Water Wheels — Just like normal wheels, but for water-based builds.

Mechanical Parts

The Mechanical Parts are the interesting parts. Most of these don't fit into any other categories.

  • SuspensionA 1x2 part with an adjustable capability to act as a spring in real life. It's not just suspension - some people have used it to turn a rocket, and some to create glitchy laser things.
  • MotorA part that will turn whatever's placed on it. It has adjustable speed, can be used as a hinge and is generally a key component in VTOLs and retractable landing gear.
  • Motor2Another variations of the motor which follows the cursors direction. Its turning angle and speed can be configured. Has a feature that allows it to be a servo, limiting its rotating range.
  • PistonA part that extends and retracts, taking whatever's attached to it with it. The length of the extension is adjustable, using the screw tool.
  • Half Piston – A piston which is similar to the half block
  • RopeA part that can be extended or retracted. It can pull parts but cannot push them. Has no part stiffness, unlike the Piston.
  • MagnetA part that remotely attracts and repels loose blocks at the push/hold of a hotkey. Does not affect other players.
  • Conveyor BeltA moving part which works like the real life conveyor belt. Sometimes used as tank tracks.

Ballast Blocks

  • Ballast BlockCan be used to increase weight on one part of a creation. Can be edited to be lighter than a 1x1 block.
  • Ballast BeamThe same function as the Ballast Block, but in the form as the Beam 1x4.
  • Ballast Tank — While in water, this block will cause the vehicle to rise and sink like a submarine.

Special Parts


These are the Seats. Used for sitting in or for controlling the vehicle.

  • SeatA generic seat which any player can come and sit in.
  • Main Pilot SeatThis is where you will spawn when you press the green Fly button.
  • Pilot SeatThis is a secondary Pilot Seat that acts just like the Normal Seat but with less control.


These are some of the random items found in Plane Crazy

  • CameraCan be used to change the camera position. Can be used as sights for turrets, or your other vehicles.
  • Tips JarA way to show that you have donated to the creator
  • Speaker – A purchase block which plays any music you want in the games audio library

Player versus player

These items are used for PVP mode

  • GunA part that fires a projectile which can damage planes and kill players. However, it can only be used in the arena, for understandable reasons too.
  • RocketA part that fires a missile which can explode upon impact of the ground or an enemy plane/player. Can only be used in the arena, like the Arena Gun.
  • Square BombA part that can be used with multiple functions. Can be used as a part of a bomber or a self destruct mechanism
  • Sphere BombA part that is the same as a square bomb, but is a sphere.

For more information on Weaponry, click here.


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