The Types Of Players

Please do NOT take this seriously, this is mainly humoristic and made for fun. These are stereotypes of people I’ve met in game.

Rarity is ranked as follows, from common to rare: Dirt common, stone common, marble common, Crystal rare, bronze rare, silver rare, gold rare, platinum rare, emerald rare, vibranium legendary

The Newbies (very common)


An example of a noob. This is a YouTuber, and it is probably his first time playing, so do not hate on him. I am not criticising his build, I am merely taking it as an example.

The Noobs (aka Newbius Playerus)

  • Has no idea what he’s doing
  • Absolutely clueless
  • Follows the tutorial and puts weapons on it
  • Is generally not such a large issue, HOWEVER can evolve into a n00b

Dirt common

  • HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A (not annoying enough to get rid of)

The young n00b ( youngestus playerus noobuis)

- often found in pairs, with one actually building something, and the other just sitting around, presumably a friend

- similar to the n00b in the way they act, but they belive everyone's build is inferior to theirs

- young n00bs have no idea what to do when commented on, so they typically call everything about you "dumb" or "stupid", ignoring what you say

-  their skins are typically bare and have an odd skin color

The n00bs (aka Noobus Maximus)

  • Evolves from a Noob
  • Thinks he owns/is best at the game
  • Mostly turreters
  • Will mostly remain quiet and spawncamp everyone
  • When approached about turreting, will go into a fit of rage and absolutely demolish anything
  • Dirt common
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: call them out: "turreter n00b", "my dead pet rock can build better than you", etc

The Ragers (aka Noobus Ragerus, very dangerous)

  • Can evolve from a n00b, this doesn’t happen often though
  • Can build anything, from a turret to a 4 fold Midway
  • When approached with suggestions/light criticism will go into an earsplattering rage and consume the entire server, most people leave after this
  • Less common than Noob and n00b but still common
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: If you want to keep your eyes/ears intact, leave if they rage.

The Spammers (aka Spammius Blockus)

  • Can build anything, but most of the time it is hella ugly and armed to the teeth
  • Spams the max amount of guns & rockets on a craft
  • Often makes a kind of box like car filled with explosive blocks and rams it into a player’s plot
  • Will also rage but not always
  • Stone common
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: call them out: "get out of here basketcase" OR use their own weapons against them. Bonus points if you are able to get them to call you out for spamming.

The “Pro’s” (Bonu Fake-us)

  • Evolves from previous, but not always
  • Think they are good, much to the anger of actual pro’s
  • Will criticize if provoked (this is easy to do)
  • Often (but not all the time, thank God) copies from others & only watches YT tutorials
  • Most builds look like Spammers’ builds but with maybe one less gun/rocket
  • Less common than Spammer but still common
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: call them out for copying: "you want to get copyrighted, nerd?" OR copy their abomination and use it against them. Bonus points if you get them to rage.

The Rocket Lovers (Uglyius Rockitus Maximus)

  • Evolves from Noob if a Noob is impressed by a rocket
  • Makes an incredibly ugly rocket devoid of wedges
  • Rockets often unstable
  • Seems to work on the same rocket for hours, yet making no change to it
  • Gets excited at going past 500 speed
  • Assumes everybody wants a ride in their rocket
  • Marble Common
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: call them out/annoy them: "NASA doesn't recruit emptyheads", "SpaceX needs a test dummy for their Roadster" (if you didn't know, Elon sent a Tesla Roadster into outer space)
  • (comment: OMG who comes up with these insults damn)

The Copier (Annoyingus Copius Noobus)

  • They walk to other players and annoy them
  • They copy your build because they have no idea how to build anything
  • Marble common

HOW TO GET RID OF: Just blacklist them, but sometimes they are THAT NOOB, that they will report you.


Youtube Copiers (Annoyingus Copius Youtubus)

  • Will find a tutorial to copy on Youtube
  • Say that their YT build is original
  • Get mad when people say that they copied from YT
  • Might try to hit you with their copied build
  • Usually has bad builds
  • Dirt common

HOW TO GET RID OF: Call them out. Example: Your lucky that plane crazy dosent have copyright,if it did you'd get copyright striked. (They would argue with you if you do this, so maybe try ignoring them instead.

The Mobile users ( Comesial Mobilus )

  • Always have a hard time trying moving their screen to build
  • Always have to move buttons in place for the whole time when testing their new builds
  • Don't really get to enjoy real graphic and performance than desktop users
  • Can range from a newbie to a legendary gamer
  • Tablets ( / phones ) always heats up after long play
  • Having tough time typing controls and chat hence consuming time throughout building and playing
  • Can't really control their builds conveniently
  • Marble rare yet harder to detect
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A and no one cares about them

The Interesting (slightly less common, but strange and annoying)

The Foreigners (外国人) (chinese for foreigner)

  • Speaks another language, maybe Spanish & Chinese, but sometimes also Swedish and French
  • Is obviously misunderstood
  • Will sometimes attract rage for unknown reasons
  • Often come in pairs or in three’s
  • Will communicate between themselves in to us seemingly unknown brabble
  • Sometimes also anger Roblox censoring and produce a string of hashtags
  • Can range from a complete noob to a legendary gamer
  • Marble common
  • Ignores all attempts to communicate
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A (not nearly annoying enough) Translate the language they speak and convert it to the language you speak, and try to start a conversation

The Bots (Robotus Maximus)

  • Alas, these are found in pretty much every popular Roblox game, as Russian idiots keep wanting us to get free robux while countless lost accounts tell you that this is (probably) not the case.
  • Stays in game for 2.657 seconds, just long enough to post some fake link before leaving
  • Huge annoyance to the entire server
  • Marble common
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: read the 2nd line again. JUST LET THEM LEAVE LMAO

The Laggers (Slowus Serverus Laggius)

  • Will construct an obnoxious "thing", most of the time loads of spheres or blocks attached to a long stick seperated by disconnectors, often with bright lights and smoke (imagine fully decorated and lit Christmas trees soaked in alcohol and set on fire)
  • Will proceed by detaching/spinning their thing and dropping the framerate of the potatoes and lemons (kinds of pc's) to around 5 fps.
  • One of the only things that result in an entire server uniting itself against a common enemy (for a bit)
  • Often finds him/herself hilarious
  • Silver rare
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: If you have the frames for it, try to destroy their thing. Otherwise, call them out: "{insert name of Lagger} has a free attic to let". If neither is possible, just leave.

The IDK what to build (Buildius Unknowius)

  • Does not knows what to build.
  • Can evolve from a inventor, or evolve to it.
  • Instead of building, will go to cool builds, if the server has no cool build, he/she will leave.
  • They fill the chat with questions like: ”what should I build?”
  • Bronze rare

The c h i l l (Normalous Chillus)

  • They don't act like other people in this list
  • Often, just build creations (not good ones, but not bad either)
  • To the best of their brain capacity, ignore the Laggers (quite an impressive feat)
  • They don't pick sides and are thus neutral
  • Rarely joins in chat fights
  • Silver rare
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A. read point 1 and 4 again. JUST DON'T BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT CARE

The Inventors (Genuine Inventus)

  • Always try something new by their own
  • Build differently from others and are often unique
  • Usually record videos about their inventions in youtube
  • The smartest and clever of all players
  • Silver rare but harder to detect
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: No don't, you'll learn new stuffs from them

The Real Plane ace (Acus Planus)

  • Builds hella good planes
  • Have advanced systems on his/her planes
  • Shot 5 or more planes in life
  • Have good minds
  • Sharpshooter

HOW TO GET RID OF: No way m8, the legend will never die.

( Josh's secret way to get rid of them : CUTTER BUGS )

( Uh oh )

The fake plane ace (Falseus Aceus Planeus)

  • Can't build a real plane
  • Uses the tutorial plane
  • Calls himself ace because he destroyed one block in other plane
  • Have little to no IQ
  • Can't even aim properly

HOW TO GET RID OF: Just demolish their stuff.

The real tank ace (Tank Rampegus)

  • Builds good tanks
  • Makes good hotkeys (not hard to control)
  • Can destroy many creations with his/her tank
  • (Very good ace) Have AA system on his/her tank
  • Makes rotatable turret
  • Makes good gun

The fake tank ace (Falseus Tank Rampegus)

  • Builds nonsense tank, devoid of any wedges
  • Can't shot anything
  • Makes n00b hotkeys like P to shoot
  • Makes various non existing tanks like 7 turret tanks
  • Turret of tank can't rotate
  • Gun can't rise or do anything

HOW TO GET RID OF: destroy his or her build it’s pretty easy

The Ship Ace (Ship Aceius Maximus)

-Builds many and good ships

-Can building many things, from a small speedboat to a 4 fold large battleship

-Can destroy many creations with the their ships

-has AA systems on their creations

-has advanced systems in their ships

-makes powerful turrets

HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A. Don’t get rid of them

The Roleplayers (Roleplayius Annoyi)

-Mostly play In non-pvp mode

-Often come in groups and roleplay

-If they do not come in with a friend, they will try to find someone to roleplay with.

-Can be annoying

-Always fills the chat

HOW TO GET RID OF: Interrupt their role play, or just ignore them.

The false but cool plane ace (Falseus Aceius Maximus)

-Makes planes that look very cool

-can only make small planes and gliders.

-Their planes either won’t take off, or just flip around like a washing machine in the air.

-silver rare

HOW TO GET RID OF: Annoy them, or just ignore them.

The Questionable (Very strange, but not dangerous)

The Singer (Audibus Maximus)

  • A very rare player
  • Not many found ingame
  • Can be annoying (you can just ignore them, or block them), or even applauded
  • One of them is user named [REDACTED] (mostly sings Sabaton Bismarck)
  • Platinum rare


HOW TO GET RID OF: Calling them out: "your singing sucks", "I'd rather listen to my dead pet rock slam himself on my forehead", however, as mentioned above, not all of them are annoying ([REDACTED] is c h i l l, so eh...)

The Voreaphiles (Mawius Philus)

- delete this if you want, I was drunk

- Often make builds like a crocodile, mausausoraus or a shark, or anything with a mouth really, the teeth usually made of cutters

- Will attempt to bite anybody who comes close

- Probably using hax, because they can't be that OP with just a closing and opening mouth

- Most of their creatures are very blocky, but some are nice

- Can be chill or prone to Rager-like outbursts when provoked

- Definitely not a voreaphile in real life lol

Q: wait but shark in HoF

A: Y e s

ping pong ding dong

The dongs

- Mostly really annoying, will not hesitate to unceremoniously jump on your vehicle, with a cold face and without shame and regret at all.

- speaks lines and squares that intersect together and looks like some chinese alphabet

- Very often found in groups, chatting frantically to eachother


- Entire servers can be filled with these, thus making it one of the most common types of players in the game.

- Makes really ugly builds that will probably burn your eyes to look at it, devoid of any wedges and color at all, they also often make really disgusting NSFW builds


this is a build made by a korean guy, don't look at it for too long...

- Half of their save files are filled with YT builds that they modified in the worst way a person could possibly modify an already-good build.

- They're relatively VERY easy to trigger, if you trigger them, they'll gangbang you till you quit or till they say " ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ " ( LOLOLOL )


- If they speak trash english, insult their language immediatly, be ruthless

- Insult them long enough they'll quit

- If you insult them again and again and they eventually spam ㅋ ( which is korean for laughing, pronounced as a hard K like in Sachiel ) and this means that you've won and they will no longer beef with you as you're superior and they're out of insults.

- Insult them back in their own language, they'll probably immediatly spam ㅋ and then continue speaking with his gang members after

- Blacklisting will only hold them temporarily, as they can cast a spell to go through it and jump on your creation again

- If you really wanna annoy them, fling them with a sumo vehicle, they'll get so irritated that they're likely to blacklist you and never talk to you again

Polacy (Polonia)

  • Only annoying if you can actually understand of what is being said (Pretty sure German is easier than Polish)
  • They often fight in chat
  • They only speak Polish
  • K**** SP****** CH*** J***** (that's how they say, bad bad)
(widoczny przedmieście)
  • They swear in Polish (ah tak stare dobre przekleństwa)
  • Marble common/Crystal rare

HOW TO GET RID OF: The Luftwafflus and the Polacy are sworn enemies, if they encounter each other, it's better to leave immediately.

The Luftwaffe (Luftwafllus Arian Annoyingus/NEIN NEIN NEIN)

  • Will go after Polish people like a manhunt
  • Only speak Arian German (nein x3) (Aufwiedersehen, autism one)
  • Team up in PVP (wolfpacks)
  • Very annoying to Polish people (Molotov-Ribbentrop pact)
  • Bronze rare
  • HOW TO GET RID OF: call them out: "you lost, nerds", "remember Stalingrad" OR form a strong "Allies" squad and crush them, or just ignore them.


  • A select group of people who speak only Dutch or a bit of English
  • Unlike their Arian brethren, do not speak German (Attention: Dutch ISN'T German)
  • Some curse a lot (apparently roblox censors don't have any power over the superior Dutch language)
  • Will often team up with other Dutchies and rek anything in sight
  • Silver rare

HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A. They aren't nearly annoying enough for that

Kamikazes (Tenohaika Banzai Bomb Yeeters)

  • Will make a suicide plane
  • Yeets the suicidal bomb plane at you
  • probably annoy you
  • Always make their plane out of bombs
  • Maybe will be seen in the future

HOW TO GET RID OF: Make an anti-air, american-style battery and yeet the hell out of them

Creators of the Game

As you know, rickje and madattak are the creators of the game they are best bois.

  • They are quite nice to speak to, they don't feel as though they are the best in the game
  • They will give you a special badge
  • Maybe some other things
  • Vibranium legendary (there are literally only 2 of them)

HOW TO GET RID OF: N/A. I like rickje (haven't met madattak), so DO NOT try to anger him in any way/shape/form. He is a nice guy, and if you do manage to get him upset, you deserve what's coming to you

Youtube Copiers

  • Will find a tutorial to copy on Youtube
  • Say that their YT build is original
  • Get mad when people say that they copied from YT
  • Might try to hit you with their copied build
  • Usually has bad builds
  • Dirt common

HOW TO GET RID OF: Call them out. Example: You're lucky that plane crazy doesn't have copyright, because if it did you'd get copyright striked.

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